How To Market & Advertise Your Electrical Contracting Business

We specialize in working with electrical contractors throughout the US. With a laser sharp focus on marketing our electrical contractors on the internet we do the heavy lifting so you can focus on your business

Recent Florida Cities Were Working With

We work with a limited number of clients per geographical area. Once our limited slots are filled we will not accept any further clients for that area. We do provide a waiting list if your area is filled. If you don’t see your city please contact us and we’ll be happy to let you know if openings are available.

6 Things You Need To Do

#1 Claim Your Business On Google

a) Claim your business on Google – This is the first step and you must start here

b) Verify your business on Google – As part of claiming your business you’ll need to verify ownership

#2 Standardize Your NAP - Name, Address, Phone

While your claiming your business don’t forget to fill out all the information about your business:

Name, Address, Phone, Hours of Operation, etc.

#3 SSL Cert - Google Wants Your Site To Use SSL

Install an SSL certificate on your website. In most cases you’ll want your website design company to perform this for you.

Read want Google has to say about securing your website with an SSL cert


#4 Obtain Links From Authority Sites

It’s great you have a new site but in order to get on page one of the rankings you need links from authority sites.

#5 Local Links

Electricians don’t generally work outside their local zone so your Google Local presence is critical. Get links from high value local sources.

#6 Register Your Domain Name For More Than 1 Year

Those brainiac’s at Google know more about your business than your mother. Read this article to see why you need to register your domain for more than one year.

Are You Serious About Growing Your Electrical Business?

We want you to be successful, we want you to grow your electrical business. If you have made that commitment then keep reading. If you haven’t made up your mind, well keep reading and just maybe we can convince you to get serious about growth.

Is Your Website Making Your Business Money?

This is the single most critical question you need to ask yourself! It really doesn’t matter how well designed your website is if it:


  • Can’t be found

  • Isn’t Engaging Your Potential Clients

We Have The Silver Bullet For Growth!

What Is It?

It’s called hard work! We can grow your business if your as committed as we are to our clients success. It takes time, patience and hard work(that’s our job) but we know how to drive net new business to your door.

What We Do

We provide everything your electrical contracting business needs to be found on the internet. Simply having a website isn’t enough in today’s highly competitive world.

Website Design

Do You Need A New Website? You may already have a website but does it need a face lift?

  • Is it mobile friendly?                 
  • Does It Engage Your Clients?

SEO & Rankings

So you have a website already and you don’t think anything is wrong, or is it?

  • Are You On Page One?
  • Can New Client’s Find You?

Social Optimization

Are Your Social Signals There? Social Sharing Applications Are A Must, Do You Have:

  • Face Book Account
  • Twitter / Instagram Account
Google Local 3 Pack Placement

The Google Local AKA Google 3 Pack is quite simply a money maker for your business. We can get your electrical contracting business placed in the 3 pack and grab those service calls your missing.

Responsive Web Design

Choose from one of our responsive website designs to speed your site creation and expedite your move up the search engine rankings. Google values responsive websites and we can deliver a website refresh that’s search engine and mobile computing friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you on page one of Google? Are You on the Google 3 pack? Both are business critical if your going to drive revenue. Optimizing your website is about the sum of the parts not one specific item. We’ll be happy to offer our free website consulting to explain how we can improve your existing web presence.

On Page & Off Page Optimization

Not only is your website content important but perhaps even more important in driving page one rankings is off page optimization and we can provide exactly what your electrical contracting business needs. Not sure what this means click here for a more detailed explanation.

Content Strategy

We know what electrical contractors do and what you need on your website to drive customer engagement. We know what your high margin jobs are and we’ll build content to drive business to the bottom line

Business Consulting

While we have over 13 years working with electricians and understand the daily challenges we want to know your specific needs and goals. We will spend time asking questions and understanding how you work.

Let’s Work Together

We want to earn your business and trust. We will make every effort to exceed your expectation while building and delivering on what we say. If we can’t or don’t feel we can achieve the desired results for you we won’t hesitate to tell you so.

Let’s Get Together And Discuss Your Opportunities.