Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Want Immediate Results? Want To Roll That Idle Truck Out To Generate Revenue? Then Consider PPC Advertising But There Is A Dark Side

Want Instant Gratification!

 PPC May Just Be The Ticket But There’s A Downside Too

Google Ads Formerly AdWords

To the left is an example of a Google Ads breakdown for two different ad groups. The left side is for residential clients and the right is targeting commercial clients. Two entirely different client targets with very little overlap.

We used a keyword look to source both residential and commercial sides. What happened was the commercial side didn’t really give us anything useful like the residential side did.

Fortunately we know what commercial clients would be searching for so we plugged that into the Ads #1 – #4

  • Notice on the residential side the ads are very similar to the keyword list.
  • Commercial keywords don’t as closely relate to what a commercial client might be looking for

** NEW 2019 ** Pay For Conversions

Pro:  Starting December 13th 2018 Google has given you the ability to pay for conversions not clicks. WOW! That’s Awesome!

Con: You have to have conversion tracking setup and you can only use it you use Target CPA with Display Campaigns

Example: You setup your target CPA to be $10 and you drove 30 conversions to your website on Monday and Tuesday.

You’ll pay $300 to Google with an actual CPA of $10. There is no charge for the number of clicks or impressions to your AD.

Dynamic On/Off

Pro:  PPC advertising can be turned on or off at will. If you have an idle electrical truck and want to get that crew working you could launch a pre staged PPC Campaign to roll that truck.

Pro: PPC can be a good long term strategy for very focused services but I really feel that PPC is most useful in a tactical situation like rolling an idle truck.

Con: To take advantage of this tactic you really need to have already created your PPM campaign.

Con: Typically the cost per click or overall cost is much more than that of organic page 1 placement.

Location Specific Targeting

Pro:  Target the area of town or region you wish to serve. Stop running from one end of town to another.

Con: By Targeting to small of an area you may miss out on service calls. I think this is a pretty small con.

Negative Keywords

Pro:  Prevent your ads from being displayed when you don’t want them to be. Example: Consumer looking for a diesel generator may not be a consumer you want to give the opportunity to click your if you only sell gas generators.

Con: If you aren’t familiar with how negative keywords work you may inadvertently block potential customers.

Con: If you fail to properly setup negative keywords for each service you offer I guarantee you will spend/waste a lot of money.

Call Extensions and Call Tracking

Pro: Call extensions for any service business are especially useful in targeting people who needs immediate service. The person simply needs to click on your phone number to place the service call.

Pro: Call Tracking to easily track only the leads you obtained using this tactic.

Dynamic Keyword Insertion Ads

Pro:  Dynamic Keyword Insertion (DKI) allows you to create a single ad and update the content of that ad based on the search term used.

Pro: Personalized ads appear to the searcher. This can lead to improved performance by increasing click through rate (CTR) and quality scores.

Con: While this advanced Google Ad’s feature can really help personalize and increase CTR it can also greatly increase

Con: Without a well planned ad campaign the substitution of ad content could lead you into legal problems should you inadvertently infringe on a trademark while targeting a competitor.

Budget Friendly

Pro:  Set your daily budget based on what you can afford to spend. That means you don’t have to have a massive marketing budget to gain new electrical service calls.

Con: You competition may have deeper pockets and out bid you for top placement on high value key phrases.

Wizard Driven Setup

Pro: Easy wizard driven setup on the Google Ads page. Question and Answer layout, so easy a 12 year old could fill it out and create an ad.

Con: The wizard is easy and in my humble opinion leads you to think taking the defaults will lead to more sales. Not the case at all. You’ll likely be better off letting the 12 year old figure it out.

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