Local SEO & Consistent NAP

What IS NAP Anyway?

NAP is short for Name, Address and Phone number and the search engines, certainly Google, want to see that your business is consistently represented across the internet.

Having inconsistent NAP is not what the engines want to see. Think of it this way,

When a search engine is asked for directions to your business during a local search the engine has to decide where to send the person. Sending them to the wrong or incorrect location is not going to keep that person coming back for more searches.

So don’t make the search engine pick between two or more locations if only one is still accurate.

Prominently Display Your NAP

One of the biggest issues I see when working with a client, believe it or not, is the lack of easy to find contact info, especially the main company phone number.

Put your Company name and phone number at the top of the website and on each page. Make it easy on your customer to contact you.

On the footer – display your full name, address, phone number and any other relevant contact information if you don’t have it there now.

When search engines are comparing your company to your competition during a geo-targeted search and deciding who to display, the company with  the most complete and consistent NAP will be the winner.

NAP Consistency

Company Name

Make sure your business name is consistent. Stick to one version of your name. For instance you might have an LLC or Inc at the end of your business name. Either choose to include it on everything you do or don’t but be consistent.

Pro Tip: Use your full company name even if your company is known by a nickname for example:

Florida Electric Company could be called FEC locally but don’t use FEC on the footer to refer to yourself

Company Address

As with company name be consistent. We worked with a client who had several variations of their suite number like:

  • Suite 3
  • #3
  • Ste 3

Here’s a link from Google advertiser community asking which form of suite number is better and my reply as well as the community response.

Company Phone Number

Guess what? Just like the previous NAP elements you need to pick one and be consistent with it. Some of the different ways to format your phone number are:

  • (777) 777-7777
  • 777-777-7777
  • 777.777.7777

While I may prefer 777.777.7777, I think visually it’s more pleasing I know from experience that if someone is copying and pasting my phone number that format might not go over well on their end and I really want to make things easy on potential clients.

 Be Consistent

consistent listings across every location on the internet, all profile pages, directories, social media, etc help search engines understand who you are, what your company is about and most importantly, how users can find and get in touch with you.


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