NAP Lookup For Consistent Data?

Phone Number Lookup Shows 2 Businesses

What NAP Is All About

On this page were going to show some examples of doing a phone number lookup on several directory sites. What were going to show is that Bolt Electric has a unique phone number yet their website link points to Preston Link Electric on Search Term: (352) 335-7101

So to check and see if your NAP info is consistent across the different directory sites simply search on your phone number.

Here Are The Search Results?

Branding Lookup Results

Search results finds Bolt Electric with this phone number but doesn’t find Preston Link Electric Yet On Some Sites ( They Share The Same website link

You can also see that no one has claimed this business on so their is no human influence on this site to keep the NAP information up to date. Search Term:

Bolt Electric

Doing a lookup on by company name shows us that both Preston Link Electric and Bolt Electric maintain different NAP content on these sites. Both have different addresses, and phone numbers

Preston Link – Does Have A Website Listed

Bolt Electric – Does Not Have a Website Listed

Branding Lookup Results

Searching by name we see the phone number of (352) 335-7101 is associated with Bolt Electric Search Term:

Preston Link Electric

Preston Link Electric is maintaining seperate NAP info as you can see they have a different phone associated with the listing – (352) 373-3516

Branding Results

Preston Link Electric shows a different phone and address as you can see here.

Google Search Term:

Bolt Electric Gainsville Fl

NAP info on Google shows separate phone and address  – (352) 335-7101

So I won’t show the results here, you get the idea. But to recap what we have seen so far:


What Are The Factors Helping Bolt To Rank?

If you take a deep look at the Gainesville market and run the numbers several things stick out.

  • Gainsville Population 2017: 132,249
  • Number of Yellowpage Electricians: 89
  • YP Electricians Not Listing a Website: 42

Google does recognize that Bolt has their business name listed on several key citation sites. 

There isn’t  a crush of competition for the electrical contractor space

Bolt is benefiting by one of the directory sites having it’s website link pointing to Preston Link Electric. Remember that Bolt doesn’t have a web presence. 

I believe Google picked up on Bolt based, on a large degree to the citations on the different sites and that one website link to Preston Link.

What Are Citations Anyway?

Citations, especially local citations as they relate to being found on the major search engines are an online mention of your business Name Address Phone or NAP. Where might you find these NAP citations?

  • Local Business Directories – Yellowbot, Merchantcircle
  • Websites – Especially local Gainesville websites with good authority
  • Website Applications
  • Social Platforms

Effectively citations and the number of citation mentions your business has help internet users find you.

What Are The Types Of Local Citations?

Biggest & Best – Major Local Business Platforms. There are a number of major players in the local directory business such as:

Social Citation Platforms

While they may not carry the same weight as the big boys above they do count and you would be remiss not to get your business listing on these sites:

Of course there are other big citation platforms and other social sites but you get the idea. Be prepared to spend some serious time getting all the accounts setup but your investing in your business.

We’ll be happy to user tools and experience to get you listed where it matters most saving you the investment in time and frustration.

 Industry Specific Platforms

Take a look at your local industry specific referral sites like:

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